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Innovation Starts With Community.

HustleRFP is a social impact project finance platform designed to simplify, accelerate, and optimize the financing of sustainable collaborative projects and programs across the full life cycle for communities.

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HustleRFP connects social ventures to like-minded individuals and mission-driven impact investors to build out social projects and programs together.

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HustleRFP connects you to non-dilutive funders (such as grants, debt, and incentives) and impact investor to fund your community projects or programs.


New capital from our Impact Investors creates organizations stability

How We Help You

What We Do

HustleRFP helps social entrepreneurs navigate the funding landscape, build partnerships and collaborations, and develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and create lasting positive change in their communities.


Connect With Impact Investors


Streamlines The Funding Deal Process


Facilitates Collaboration


Provides Educational Resources


Generate Content for funding applications

What We Care About!

Community & Social Innovation

Community pride, inclusion, and healthy options are what every neighborhood needs right now today. 

Climate Innovation

Access to capital to empower our BIPOC, Rural, and Urban founders solving our communities most pressing problems. 

Literacy Innovation

We strive to provide options to obtain Reading, Economic Literacy, Healthcare Literacy, and the ability to be independent.

STEAM Access

We believe that technology innovation teams and AI can speed up solutions to reduce green house gasses and build healthy affordable communities.

Lets Innovate Together

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Gain access to tools and resources that allow you to begin searching for funding opportunities.

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Receive funding opportunities that match your organization’s needs and goals.

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Use HustleRFP’s tools and resources to craft a compelling application and respond to funding opportunities quickly and efficiently.




HustleRFP collaborates with social entrepreneurs to help them get more funding by providing relevant funding opportunities, a marketplace of professionals, and a streamlined funding process. This can ultimately lead to more successful funding applications and greater impact for your community.

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